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Global Business Speaks English!

If you are an employee or managing director of an international company, you use Business English for many communication channels. You are in daily contact with suppliers and customers and Business English is a common thread running through your business relationships.

The areas of application for Business English range from daily e-mail correspondence, to official business letters and negotiated contracts. Also, on the secondary level, it is enormously important for managers and executives to set the course for future collaborations when having dinner with business partners who speak good business English.


What can you expect from English Language Training (ELT)?

English language courses in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Language courses with a fully qualified teacher with years of experience.
Interactive and inhibition - reducing training.
Interesting training sessions with a wide variety of exercises and strategies.
Learn English using the most modern methods, based on the best research findings.

English Language Training (ELT) is interesting for many people!


Companies or employees with international business relationships.

Bosses, managers or travelling salespeople who require better English language skills.

People who are going to spend a period of time in an English speaking country for business or study purposes.

Employees who need to improve their English language skills for their job.


People with ambitions to work in a career that requires a high level of English?

Anyone over 60 who wishes to maintain a good level of English or improve it as a challenge with friends, to keep a well exercised brain.

Students with a need to improve their English language skills for the future.

Women who are returning to the employment market after raising children.

Which language course is the best for you?

Business English Courses for everyone from beginner to advanced

Invest in an English language course for your employees and you invest in the interest of your whole company. The more business fluent and competent your personnel are, the better and more successful your international trading and partnerships will be.

Course offers

ELT offers an interesting range of ready-made and highly individual language courses and workshops for you to enjoy and profit from. All courses are flexible and can be adapted to suit your needs and wishes. Develop your language competence and skills in a comfortable and supportive learning atmosphere, where clear communication and enjoyment in all courses are high on the agenda. Learn to manage your daily tasks and interactions with the English language confidently and successfully.

  • Beata Rauer
    Wülfing employees who participated in English training courses were sincerely and highly contented with Lori and her training. She caters for individual needs and wishes, helping thereby, every participant to make effective progress. Lori achieves an excellent and relaxed learning atmosphere, which is so necessary for effective learning, with her trustworthy and communicative style. She understands perfectly how to adjust to the variety of language levels and requirements of groups and individuals. With her efficient and diverse teaching methods, she achieves and maintains high learning success, high motivation and solid commitment to learning. Lori demonstrates great flexibility in the presentation of her English training, responding enthusiastically to new impulses, current themes and personal wishes. Highly recommended.
    Beata Rauer
    Wilh. Wülfing GmbH & Co.KG
  • Classcon Consulting GmbH
    Since February 2013, we offer the employees in our company the opportunity to further train their English language skills, voluntarily. Lori Davies fulfills the diverse requirements of the courses perfectly. Also, even after such a long time, the English-courses are very willingly and well used by our employees, as they are very enjoyable and in no way comparable with English lessons from school.
    Classcon Consulting GmbH
  • Georg Berger
    I started my English training with Lori Davies three years ago. On the strength of her experience in adult education and her individual approach, I quickly improved my English competence. I have managed, with strong vocabulary and sufficient confidence, to participate in meetings and also to contribute to discussions in English. Thanks for your support Lori!
    Georg Berger
    Hewing GmbH
  • Maria Böcker, Ahaus
    It appeals to me a lot, that Lori doesn’t teach grammar and vocabulary in a boring way, her focus is on communication. The course is entertaining and always oriented toward current issues and themes. Her open and emphatic approach makes learning fun.
    Maria Böcker, Ahaus
  • Dr Stephan Hohner, Gescher
    Lori Davies, with her extensive teaching experience, has always got the most suitable methods at hand, to teach us even the driest of grammar material effectively. With a diverse range of methods, materials and media, there is something for everyone. With Lori I experience a very different access to the global language of English. Encouraging and refreshing are the impulses I take with me - especially into my job and into my daily life.
    Dr Stephan Hohner, Gescher
    HNO Gemeinschaftspraxis Dres. Hohner/Bayer
  • Franz Zepezauer
    Lori has succeeded, with her engaging personality and her pedagogical knowledge, to pull me out of my reluctance and gain more and more trust in my English-speaking abilities. Learning English in a relaxed, often playful way and the regular variation in focal points and content really appeals to me. That’s why I personally look forward to every training session!
    Franz Zepezauer
  • Monika Hohner
    Course leader Lori is a very special teacher whose attention is always focussed on the current needs (socially as well as language-wise) of our group. She doesn’t hesitate to reorganize a thoroughly prepared training session because another theme has suddenly become more important or relevant to the group. Our training sessions are filled with diverse and interesting exercises and materials and even after nine years, there is happily no end in sight! Thanks Lori!
    Monika Hohner

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